Take the Pledge

We, the workers and participants of and within the Film and Fashion Industries are combining our energies as major influencers and consumers to address the widespread use of cosmetics and bodycare products in our industries that support violence on animals (and humans) through animal testing and the use of harmful chemicals that falsely justify that kind of violence happening every day.
Organic Products Do Not Includebsh2
Synthetic and chemical pesticides or herbicides
Fossil-fuel based and chemical fertilizers
Genetically modified seeds or feeds
Growth hormones or antibiotics
Manure from animals whose daily diet includes antibiotics or synthetic hormones
These substances don’t belong on our skin and they don’t belong on the bodies of innocent animals.
Just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it isn’t tested on animals. 
Just because it’s cruelty-free doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that falsely justify the animal testing of cosmetics.
It’s time to end the green-washing of this hugely profitable industry, to hold companies accountable, and lend support to ethical and sustainable companies for the animals, for our planet and for ourselves. 
We pledge to take pro-active steps to act with heart and courage to create positive change in our industries and to put an end to the widespread consumption of violence in the cosmetics we use so often in Film & Fashion. 
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Cruelty-free products are easily identified by (list to come)
Not all Organic product labeling is equal. USDA Organic and Australian Organic are some of the most stringent certifying
bodies that exist. Organic labels to watch out for are…(list to come)